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When asked to think of the beauty found within our oceans, often visions of thriving reefs and the turquoise waters of the tropics are the first to come to mind. However, as we venture away from the sun drenched seas surrounding the equator, we see that the spectacle of nature becomes more brilliant than we may have dreamt possible.

Traveling further north, or south, we reach the chilly polar seas. Soon, ice floes replace islands, and the once brilliant blue waters darken to a greenish hue. But hidden beneath this fierce icy cast, we see a dazzling array life.

In Aurora, I’ve featured a few of the most iconic features of the Arctic Sea. The region’s top predator, the orca whale, and the shimmering curtain of the Aurora Borealis. In this piece, the pod wanders in search of their next meal; making their way through flowing strands of kelp as the stunning glow of aurora illuminates their way through the frigid blue wilderness.

Bring these icons of the Arctic into your own collection. Our high quality fine art paper prints are available matted and ready to frame or solely as a rolled print if you wish to choose a unique matting for your new artwork. Our giclee canvas prints are full size replicas of the original artwork and hand signed by Ryan Sobel.

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