Discharge printing is a process in which the ink removes the dye from the fabric where it is printed, which leaves the natural colors of the fibers behind. This discharge ink can also be dyed to produce a colored print. Discharge printing results may vary slightly based on brand and style of garment and may even vary within the same lot. This type of ink can only be used on 100% cotton garments. Because the discharge printing process removes the dye from the fabric instead of printing ink on top of it, the ink produces a nice soft hand, however, this effect is only felt after the garment is washed for the first time to remove the discharge agent.

*Please Note: Due to the nature of this process, some variation in the color of your final print should be expected. Some garment colors react to this process better than others.

  • Best for dark colors.
  • Creates a soft hand or feel on dark garments.
  • Print looks part of fabric.
  • Can be ironed
  • breathable
  • Best for 100% Cotton garments

Metallic Ink PrintMETALLIC INKS
Metallic Inks are an excellent way to convey your creativity by highlighting or creating your design with metal-like effects.  We offer shimmer metallics for a more subtle metallic effect, and also higher polish gold and silver.


Want you shirts to really pop? Try out our florescent neon inks, to give you prints an intense effect. The future is bright, with our neon inks. These inks also have the added effect of glowing under a blacklight.

Glow in the Dark Shirt InkGLOW IN THE DARK INKS
Glow in the dark ink is a phosphorescent ink that is printed atop a light reflecting white underbase. Just like traditional glow-in-the-dark products, the glow in the dark ink is light sensitive and must be exposed to light before being used in the dark.  Because the ink is phosphorescent in nature, the final print will have a slight green cast and Pantone matching is unavailable.

Distressing is a method by which a screen print is intentionally made to look weathered.  We can add this vintage effect to your next design upon request.  This style is created either at the artwork level, or by using inks that will create a washed look after laundering.