Plastisol INk PrintingScreen printing traditionally uses plastic inks that are called plastisols. These inks have been the most common choice of screen printers throughout the industry. It’s likely that many of the t-shirts you own have been printed with plastisol inks. Plastisols are easy to use and can create vibrant, bold colors on dark colored garments across a wide range of fabrics and materials. These plastisol inks are thick and therefore opaque, so it is ideal for printing on dark colored garments. Plastisol prints can be made softer by using special printing techniques or heavier by adding extra layers of ink.

The Dirty Side of Conventional Plastisol Inks
Conventional plastisol inks are considered harsh on the environment. Most screen printing shops use plastisol ink, because it is inexpensive and simple to use. Cheap plastisol inks will crack and peel after a handful of washes. These inexpensive products also have a very heavy feel and can feel sticky to the touch.

Unfortunately, the common tee shirt wearer is unaware that these plastisol inks not only break down after a handful of washes, but they may also contain PVC and phthalates that destroy the environment and have been associated with many medical issues. Additionally, the cleaning process for plastisol inks requires petroleum based chemicals, which are damaging to the environment.

Whats the Alternative?
Here at Born of Water we only use plastisol inks that are environmentally friendly, and use soy and corn based solvents for clean-up. These high quality, environmentally responsible inks are both PVC and Phalate Free. This amounts to no questionable inks next to your skin, no toxic chemicals introduced into the environment, and yet another step towards sustainability and a responsible future.

At Born of Water we only use the highest quality environmentally responsible inks that are PVC & Phalate Free. These inks also have the benefit of having a softer had and will last the lifetime of the garment.


  • Yields the most vibrant prints
  • Best color accuracy (based off Pantone color matching)
  • Most resistant to fading
  • Print on any color garment
  • Ability to print on most fabrics
  • Price: Typically the most affordable way to print custom shirts.

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