Custom Screen Printing: Born of Water

Screen printing is by far the most common & cost-effective method for printing t-shirts. The printed design has a long lasting color, durability and can be placed almost anywhere on the t-shirt or garment.

With screen printing we make a different screen for each color of your design and lay each color down on the shirt one at a time. This means that a one color design would require just one screen for its single ink color, while a four color design would require four separate screens for each of the four colors being printed.


Depending on the shirt and the design, we have the ability "create" new colors by creating half tones. Half tones are small dots of color laid down in various sizes and spacing over other colors to make a whole new color. (i.e. yellow dots are placed over a blue space - creating a green area).

Benefits of Using Halftones Pricing for screen printed apparel is determined by several factors:
There are two main types of screen printing:

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