More Fish, Fun & Freediving: How Spearfishermen Fill the Cooler

by agencyTHE Collaborator on February 11, 2021

Imagine this, you’re in the deep blue on your own and just put your first spear into a beautiful fish. Your spear got some bite, but this is no stone shot. Time to surface, you want to get back down and get your second spear in that delish fish.

All this activity means you risk hyperventilating. At a minimum you’ll have cut your bottom time way down. Setting up for your next shot with adrenaline and heart pumping fast is, shall we say, less than optimal. Blackout is a serious risk here.

Here’s an alternate scenario: you hit the surface and just point at one of your buddies. Point two fingers, that is, to signal the fish you’re after needs a second shot. Your buddy, who’s been just bobbing in the water or hanging out, is a specimen of a well-rested, ready-to-shoot spearfisherman.

He’s under in seconds and most importantly, like a Marine (get it?!) sniper, he is in control of his breathing, fully focused, and not at any risk for a hyperventilating black out.

It’s a win-win-win. You get fish, the other guy gets fish, you probably fill your cooler much quicker with a team approach. And, oh yeah, no one blacks out.

Thanks to our friend Ted Harty, founder of Immersion Freediving and Freediving Safety, for spinning up these lessons on teamwork and avoiding blackout. He’s got perfect advice for a three-man approach to filling your cooler (and maybe your buddy’s coolers, too) - his content in that article goes deeper on the points and inspired our content here. Check it out.

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