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The Caribbean Sea, a tropical oasis of glistening turquoise blue. The waters dotted with the brilliant white sands of islands; numbering in the thousands, and scattered across the deep blue like stars against the stark night. However, the true magic of this region lies beneath it's surface, hidden from view by a watery veil.

Sinking beneath the rolling waves glimmering above, we are welcomed into another world. A world silent, yet lavish with movement and life. The sea floor is abundant with towers of coral, reaching their branched arms toward the light of the sun. Amongst the stony tangle of coral, a teeming community of life can be found. Brilliantly colored fish dart about, this way and that, only stopping briefly, to investigate a potential meal spotted with a passing glance. Gliding across the expanse of the reef, a turtle moves steadily toward the sandy white beach on which was born, years ago. Above her, pale grey sharks patrol the waters. They govern the reef, maintaining the delicate balance of life in this underwater paradise; this jewel of the Caribbean.

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