Mako Run: Shark T-Shirt

Born of Water
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Born of Water Mako Run Shark T-Shirt

In the open sea, where an endless expanse of blue fades only into darkness, a predator lurks beneath the waves. Designed for speed, the mako shark patrols these waters, and has little to fear. This top predator scours the rugged sea in search of its prey. Suddenly, the opportunity strikes, as the scent of tuna fills the water. With a burst of speed, sharp teeth and rigid fins slice through the waves. Through a slurry of bubbles, the shark lunges forward, as the tuna make a final attempt to escape its grasp. 'Mako Hunt' brings this intense battle for survival out of the sea, and onto our super-soft tees. This fierce and modern design is tailored to stand out from the crowd and keep you looking great on any occasion!

  • Pre-shrunk
  • 60% combed cotton / 40% polyester jersey
  • Super-soft, lightweight, Slim-fit tee shirt


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