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Compass Cay

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The Islands of the Bahamas are famous for their crystal clear waters, brilliant white sand beaches, and tropical landscape. But this well traveled island chain has another feature, unlike any other, which also lends to its fame. This unique element, is its sharks.

This rich, and vibrant, ecosystem has been called the shark capital of the world; not only the sheer number of these predators, but for the incredible species diversity which call the Bahamian waters home. From these, perhaps the most commonly encountered shark species is the nurse shark. With their warm golden brown coloration, these sharks prefer to dwell near the seafloor, in search of one of their favorite food sources, lobster!

The nurse sharks of Compass Cay, nestled within the heart of the Exumas, have developed a particular relationship with the island residents. For decades, fisherman have offered scraps to the sharks from cleaning their daily catch. Over time, this activity has attracted a rather large community of these sharks to the shallow dockside waters. Even while not being fed, these underwater residents can be found scattered about, waiting for a quick bite to eat. This particular piece of art was based upon a true site on Compass Cay, where at high tide, the waters will rise over the dock’s landing, submerging it within the sea.

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