Who We Are

Born of Water Apparel provides stylish, Scuba Diving, Spearfishing, Freediving and other water sports apparel for men, women and children.

Born of Water Apparel was formed out of our passion for water sports, for our love of the ocean and the need to protect that which we cannot live without - our planet. We support a philosophy that everyone has a responsibility to conserve our natural resources, reduce the amount of waste and pollution we create and to protect our planet for future generations.

Born of Water's Mission
  • To provide stylish and comfortable clothing for water sports enthusiasts.
  • To share our lifestyle and passion for our unique sports.
  • To support individuals and organizations that take conscious actions and steps to protect the environment and minimize our impact to planet Earth.
Our Pledge

We have the opportunity to make environmentally conscious decisions every day. At Born of Water we manufacture our clothing in a way that minimizes our carbon footprint and support vendors that follow the same environmentally sound practices that we ourselves adhere to.


We are divers and adventurers, we are explorers of the unknown.
We are protectors of the ocean and sentients of planet Earth. 
- We are Born of Water