Skunk Ape Freediver Sticker

Born of Water
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Born of Water Skunk Ape Freediver Sticker

We all have a collection of our favorite stickers, gathered over the years, embellishing our dive gear, cars, or other belongings. They're a fun and attractive way to represent who we are, and express the activities we love! For our fellow freedivers out there, this one is for you! Legend has it that the Swamp Ape inhabits the wetlands and forests of America, roaming freely, yet rarely seen by humans. He's said to walk upright like a man, yet his body covered in course brown fur. While few have spotted the legendary creature, even fewer know that he is an avid freediver as well; scouring the wilderness, searching for the perfect dive locations. From quarries and springs, to even the coastal waters, he's seen it all!

Size: 3" x 5.6" (W x H)
Die Cut Sticker


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